Why More Needs to be Done to Make Mattresses Environmentally Friendly

mattresses in lanfillMattresses which are discarded typically end up in landfills. They are large and heavy and they use up a lot of space. When they are made with synthetic materials which don’t biodegrade, they are anything but planet-friendly. However, today’s most eco-conscious mattress manufacturers are considering the long-term effects of mattress disposal on the environment and doing their best to create designs which are more planet-friendly.

For example, they may feature some biodegradable elements and they may not be produced with chemicals (such as lab-created fire retardants) which may eventually emit particles that are harmful to the air around us. We are bombarded with toxins from chemicals and they are bad for us.

However, there are more great reasons to make mattresses environmentally-friendly…

Mattresses Must be Healthier for People

Mattresses which are made with “green” materials are also healthier for people. They are natural and this is a good thing. For example, pure and organic cottons are very gentle on the skin and they are non-toxic. These cottons are popular choices for planet-friendly, health-friendly mattresses.

While organic materials typically cost more and therefore make mattresses more expensive, a lot of discerning consumers are quite willing to invest in this sort of purity and quality and they are wise to do so. The fewer chemicals we have in our home environments, the better.

In addition, the sustainability of materials which are utilized in mattress construction should be considered an important factor. It’s all about replacing what is used. For example, if organic cotton is utilized, there should be certainty that this resource is fully-sustainable. Finite resources, such as petroleum-based materials, are not sustainable and manufacturers of mattresses should be looking for sustainable alternatives to chemical or petro-based materials – PVC is one material that shouldn’t be used in environmentally-friendly products.

How to Find “Green” Mattresses

Look for organic cotton designs which don’t have PVC components. A simple Google search for “environmentally-friendly mattresses” should be enough to bring up some interesting options. Simple futons made from organic cotton may be fine choices – however, some people want more support and features than futons may provide.

Choices are out there. However, there should be more options and hopefully there will be in the future. We don’t need more mattresses in landfills. If you want to dispose of a mattress, strongly consider donating it to someone who needs it. It’s better to reuse than to throw away and a lot of charities will take used mattresses.

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