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Who are Micah Challenge?

  1. We are a global coalition of Christians holding governments to account for their pledge to halve extreme poverty by 2015.

Micah Challenge is served by:

International team

Joel Edwards

Joel is the International Director and has been involved in Micah Challenge since it started in 2000. He travels the globe inspiring the Church to get involved in advocacy with and for the poor as part of their core mission.


Amanda Jackson

Amanda is head of Advocacy and Campaigns. She previously headed up our Australia campaign. Experienced in communications, church life and the campaigning world she is a real asset to the international team and the national campaigns.

Vikki McLachlan

Vikki is a creative jack of all trades.  She is our head of Operations, and administrates the international Board. She has been involved with Micah Challenge since 2004 and has been attempting to organize Joel Edwards since 2002. Vikki recently completed an MSc in Poverty Reduction and Development Management.

Felicity Cowling

Felicity works on Campaigns and Digital Communications. After graduating from SOAS in London, Felicity worked with Micah Challenge in the UK as an intern before joining the international team in 2011.

Board of Trustees

Marnix Niemeijer (Chair)

Marnix is the managing Director of Tear, a Christian charity in the Netherlands. He has a deep commitment to alleviating poverty and is heavily involved with the national work of Micha Netherlands.

Tehmina Arora (Board Member)

Tehmina is the General Secretary of the Christian Legal Association, India. She has written over 30 articles on human rights issues, published in leading national dailies and magazines. Tehmina is frequently called upon to address groups at seminars across the country on the rights of religious minorities in India. She worked briefly at the Supreme Court of India as an advocate before joining the Christian Legal Association.

Dr Belinda Bennet (Board Member)

Belinda is the Head of Region, South Asia, Christian Aid, New Delhi.

Paul Cook (Board Member)

Paul is Advocacy and Media Director of Tearfund UK. He coordinates Tearfund's research, lobbying, campaigns and media work on climate change and disasters, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS and governance and corruption. Paul has a background in grassroots campaigning and human rights advocacy.

Sheryl Haw (Board Member)

Sheryl is the International Director of Micah Network and draws on over 20 years relief, development and advocacy work. Prior to joining Micah Network, Sheryl lectured at All Nations Christian College on Integral Mission and coordinated the development of the HAP International Standard on Accountability and Quality Management.

Canon Grace Kaiso (Board Member)

Revd Grace is a theologian and an ordained minister in the Anglican Church who serves as the General Secretary of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA). He was trained in Uganda, New Zealand and Canada and has been actively involved in issues of urban ministry with special focus on empowerment of the poor. Rev Grace worked with World Vision International as Project Manager and Facilitator of urban projects for 10 years and played a key role in advocacy for human rights and good governance in Uganda.

Christine MacMillan (Board Member)

Christine is the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)'s Senior Advisor for Social Justice and brings more than 30 years of experience in addressing social justice issues on three continents. Until recently Christine served as the first Director of the International Social Justice Commission of the Salvation Army.

Ken Morgan (Treasurer)

Ken is chartered accountant and also serves on the Board of Directors for Compassion International. Ken has served on the Board and Council of the Evangelical Alliance in London where he was the Honorary Treasurer, and he was also President of the Spelthorne Chamber of Commerce.

Rolando Perez (Board Member)

Rolando is the Advocacy & Communications Director at Paz y Esperanza, Peru.

Gordon Showell-Rogers (Board Observer)

Gordon is WEA Associate Secretary General whose responsibilities include WEA's relationship with all Regional and National Evangelical Alliances. Showell-Rogers' life experience includes many years in student work (with IFES, and in church-based international student ministry) and 11 years as the General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance.

He has been with the WEA since May 2010, and continues to be excited about the vital importance of evangelical unity for effective Christian testimony all over the world.

National Campaigns

We are now active in 46 countries across the globe and implement local mobilization, training and advocacy work.

If we are not active in your country then contact the international team to identify a way forward.



Coordinator: John Beckett


Population: 21,875, 000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)
Campaign MDG focus: 4 (Child Health); 5 (Maternal Health); 7: climate change; 8 (Global Partnership)

Stories from Australia:

  • Voices for Justice


Coordinator: Graciela de Perez de Celis

Population: 40,276,000
% living on less than $1/day: 6.6% (UNDP, 2011)
Campaign MDG focus: MDG 3 Violence against women and girls


Coordinator: Nripen Baidya

Population: 162.221 million
% living on less than $1/day: 41.3% (UNDP, 2011)


Coordinator: Cecil Van Maelsaeke
Housed by Tearfund Belgium

Population: 10,789,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATE (assumed less than 5%)


Coordinator: Seraphin Tchenga

Population: 8,935,000
% living on less than $1/day: 30.9% (UNDP, 2011)

Stories from Benin:

  • Worship at heart of women's campaign to save lives
  • Birth without risk of death

[Seraphin Tchenga, Benin]


Coordinator: Juan Castillo

Population: 9,863,000
% living on less than $1/day: 23.2 % (2007)


Coordinator: Shabayo Motsamai

Population: 1,950,000
% living on less than $1/day: 28.0%

 Burkina Faso

Coordinator: Joanna Ilboudo

Population: 15,757,000
% living on less than $1/day: 56.5% (UNDP, 2003)


Coordinator: Francois Ndibwami

Population: 8,303,000
% living on less than $1/day: 81.3% (UNDP, 2006)


Coordinator: Liz John-West

Population: 33,740,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)

Stories from Canada:

  • Outrun Poverty


Coordinator: Adama Yadang

Population: 11,206,000
% living on less than $1/day: 61.9%


Coordinator: Jose Gerardo Martinez

Population: 45,660,000
% living on less than $1/day: 7% (UNDP, 2011)

 Cote D’Ivoire

Coordinator: Sylvie Ettien

Population: 21,075,000
% living on less than $1/day: 14.8%

 Democratic Republic of Congo

Coordinator: Joseph Nkinzo Tchibo

Population: 66,020,000
% living on less than $1/day: 59.2% (UNDP, 2006)


Coordinator: Alfonso Lopez

Population: 13,625,000
% living on less than $1/day: 17.7% (UNDP, 2011)
Campaign MDG focus: MDG 3 Violence against women and girls


Coordinator: Coralie Omodei

Population: 62,616,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 8: partnership for development

Stories from France:

  • Mission Net
  • Church speaks up for bottom billion as G20 leaders prepare for crucial meeting


Coordinator: Alexander Gentsch

Population: 81,880,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)
Campaign MDG focus: 4 (Child Health); 5 (Maternal Health); 8: partnership for development

Stories from Germany:

  • Mission Net
  • Reicht Fasten


Coordinator: Jean-Valery Vital Herne

Population: 10,033,000
% living on less than $1/day: 53.9% (UNDP, 2000)
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 8: integrity in leadership in rebuilding Haiti

 Hong Kong

Coordinator: Chung Nim Chan

Population: 7, 004, 000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%


Coordinator: David Jayakumar

Population: 1,155,000,000
% living on less than $1/day: 41.6% (UNDP, 2004)
Campaign MDG focus: MDG 3: equality for the girl child

Stories from India:

  • Sad end to India's anti corruption bill
  • Corruption in India. Us verses them


Coordinator: Reuben Coulter

Population: 4,450,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)


Coordinator: Rino Sciaraffa

Population: 60,221,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)


Population: 39,802,000
% living on less than $1/day: 19.7% (UNDP, 2005)
Campaign MDG focus: 1 (Hunger); 7 (Environment)


Coordinator: Charles Gwengwe
Lloyd Mtalimanja

Population: 15,263,000
% living on less than $1/day: 20.8% (UNDP, 2011)


Coordinator: Jorge Pratas

Population: 22,894,000
% living on less than $1/day: 36.2% (UNDP, 2004)


Coordinator: Joyce Thong

Population: 27,468,000
% living on less than $1/day: 2% (UNDP, 2004)
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 2: access for all to primary education


Coordinator: Thir KC

Population: 29,331,000
% living on less than $1/day: 24.1%


Coordinator: Jacolien Viveen



Population: 16,531,000

% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)

 New Zealand

Coordinator: Andrew Urquhart

Population: 4,316,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)


Coordinator: Luz Urania Lopez Erazo

Population: 5,743,000
% living on less than $1/day: 45.1% (UNDP, 2011)


Coordinator: Talitha Pam


Population: 151,319,500
% living on less than $1/day: 64.4% (UNDP , 2003)
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 7: environment


Coordinator: Genaro Diaz Guerrero

Population: 29,165,000
% living on less than $1/day: 10.5% (UNDP, 2011)
Campaign MDG focus: MDG 3 Violence against women and girls


Coordinator: Bishop Efraim Tendero


Population: 91,983,000
% living on less than $1/day: 22.6% (UNDP, 2006)


Coordinator: Joao Pedro Martins

Population: 10,632,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)


Coordinator: Gahungu Bunini

Population: 9,998,000
% living on less than $1/day: 60.3% (UNDP, 2011)

 Sierra Leone

Coordinator: Siaka Charles

Population: 5,696,000
% living on less than $1/day: 53.4% (UNDP, 2003)

 South Africa


Moss Nthla

Craig Stewart


Population: 49,320,000
% living on less than $1/day: 10.7% (UNDP, 2000)


Coordinator: Daniel Pujol

Population: 45,958,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)



Switzerland- France
Jean-Daniel Andre

Switzerland- German
Peter Seeberger

Population: 7,731,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)

Stories about Switzerland:

  • Mission Net


Coordinator: Godfrey Kassian Kimela

Population: 43,739,000
% living on less than $1/day: 57.8% (UNDP, 2000)


Coordinator: Stephen Mugabi

Population: 32,710,000
% living on less than $1/day: 51.5% (UNDP, 2005)

 United Kingdom


Population: 61,838,000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA (assumed less than 5%)

 United States

Coordinator: Jason Fileta


Population: 307,007,000
% living on less than $1/day: 1% (UNDP, 2008)

Stories about the US:

  • Anti-poverty campaigners urge millions of Christians to remind presidential candidates of promises to the world's poor


Coordinator: Luis Cesari

Population: 3,345,000
% living on less than $1/day: 2% (UNDP, 2006)


Coordinator: Martin Kapenda

Population: 12,935,000
% living on less than $1/day: 63.8% (UNDP, 2011)
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 8: justice in extractive industries

Stories about Zambia:

  • Brave teen orphaned by crocodile attack becomes campaigning hero


Coordinator: Jonathan Chikumbu
Peter Bare

Population: 12,523, 000
% living on less than $1/day: NO DATA
Campaign MDG focus: Goal 4 and 5: Child and maternal health, especially access to pre and post natal care