Top 5 Things You Need for a Beach Cleanup Drive

We usually go to the beach to have fun and relax. Sadly, due to tourism, several beaches have been contaminated. Humans don’t care about their waste. They just keep throwing things away. The good thing is that there are organisations that deal with cleaning up the seashore. Others are organised initiatives while there are also those who just want to volunteer because they feel bad about the situation.

If you have volunteered to take part in this cleanup effort, you should encourage your friends to do the same thing. It is such a noble act and you need to inspire more people to follow. If we don’t do anything about this situation now, it might be too late. Here are the 5 important things you need before heading out to the beach for a cleanup effort.

  1. Plastic bags. You need to throw away the collected garbage in a plastic bag. If possible, use a recyclable bag so you can use it again on your next cleanup drive. Since your goal is to clean the environment, make sure you know where the plastic bags are thrown after the cleanup drive. Find a company that will properly dispose of these items. If you have collected recyclable materials, sell them or find creative ways to use them again.
  2. Gloves. This is for protection. You don’t know what kind of objects you will touch while picking waste up. You might even handle broken glass or animal carcases. You don’t want to be wounded or infected just because you didn’t use gloves.
  3. Sun protection. If you are doing this initiative during the summer, it would be very hot. You need to bring a cap to keep you protected. You should also wear sunscreen. Imagine that you are going out on an actual trip to the beach. Bring skin protection to avoid getting sunburn. You should also wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. Take note that this could go on for several hours especially if not a lot of people help in the project.
  4. Extra cleaning materials. You might be surprised that once people see you cleaning up, they will also be inspired to do the same. In the event that you find people who are also interested in cleaning up, make sure you have extra cleaning materials. They can also help out and get the job done faster. This is also a way for you to recruit more people in case you plan doing the same cleanup project in the future.
  5. Cordless LED light. There are instances when cleanup drives have to be done at night. In this case, you need to use the best cordless LED work light. It helps so that you can still clearly even without the natural light from the sun. You can also keep working over a longer period of time. The good thing about this type of light is that it is portable. It also projects very bright light. It is enough to cover the entire area that needs lighting. Since it is made from LED, you can expect it to last for a long time.

Before leaving, make sure all the items you need are there. You should also have a head count if there is a huge group of people joining the trip. Bring first aid kit too just in case someone passes out due to the heat or experiences allergies because of the items found while cleaning up. You should also save the phone number of the closest emergency responder especially if you are visiting a remote location.

Your efforts deserve recognition. You are doing something great in order to save the environment. It is also out of the usual activity people do when they are on the beach. You should keep inspiring people to do the same thing. We have already done a lot to pollute the environment. We can’t afford to do further damages. We have also seen just how nature can wreck us if we keep doing our bad ways. Beach cleanup drive is a good start. You can keep organising this until more people have been inspired. You can also start other initiatives to save the environment. You can seek help from friends and relatives who are just as passionate as you are.

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