The Growing Danger of Corruption

CA-c_e4WsAAZU0aCorruption is completely created by people. If it has to be controlled, it should be a team work. It is seen in all parts of the world. It is not limited to one or few countries. Some political parties boldly say that corruption is abolished in their country. It is a controversial fact. It can be only known by asking their public.

In recent days, it has become so rampant where even for job opportunities, people are asked to pay a certain sum as bribery. If the situation continues for a long time, then it would be difficult to survive. The word corruption starts from education, job and business to even till death. It has become institutionalized. It has become hard to see an organized nation free of corruption.

Most people assume that only government officials are involved in the corruption. But in reality, both the private and government companies are involved hand in hand. It is hard to blame one or two as it seen as a virus throughout the world.

The anti-corruption campaigns may help out to a certain extent. But it should be executed and followed in a strict manner. There are different forms of corruption like brokerage, kickbacks, commission and more. Though it has different names, all comes under a single branch named corruption. When you read a newspaper or online magazine, you can easily find out the number of corruption cases. It is so common now where even the anti-corruption campaigns lose its power. It easily stuns the ordinary citizen. They do not have any other way to live other than spending their earning for corruption.

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