How to Stop the Corruption?

How-to-stop-corruption-in-PakistanCorruption is seen in all countries, and it is a universal phenomenon. It is seen in all culture, races and all kinds of society. Most countries claim that they have completely eradicated corruption. But in the same way, people from various countries around the world feel that corruption exists and it remains as a root to their problem. The corruption can start in post-communist countries or bureaucratic societies where every single thing is managed by the immoral government. It is a popular belief. It cannot be argued, but it is experienced in reality. Corruption is continuous, present everywhere and cannot be eradicated irrevocably and completely.

It is seen everywhere and in every form of society. It is common for people to connect corruption with the government, legal system, police and other entities. They may be directly or indirectly connected to the allocation and control of the public resource.

stop-corruptionThe police officials are the main public authorities which are connected directly with the corruption. They are equal to other government officials like tax collection service, the court of law, etc. Are you wondering why such officials travel through corruption path? Well, it is just to avoid the tax payments. These public structures get and share the money of tax payers. In simple words, they are not interested in managing the funds as it happens in a large corporation.

Corruption remains to be intrinsic to any social structure. It is intrinsic to human nature due to the social or cultural setting. The corruption thrives because of their influences. It is present in the democratic countries like the European countries or the United States of America. In the same way, the corruption is present in post-communist countries and societies like Columbia or Indonesia. There are a lot of similar things seen in those countries, and it is clear that corruption is not limited to cultural, political or geographic boundaries.

Corruption-1For instance, if a foreign business wishes to open a business in a new country, he/she has to pay a bribe to the government officials and other important heads of the society. It is impossible to start without their support. They would not allow him/her to do the business. If the person declines, they would even take actions to destroy completely or stop his/her business. The person will not have any other hope or ways to avoid corruption. They would start to give to make their business dream true.

To summarize, corruption cannot be stopped by a single person. It should be a total revolution. Every person in the society should come forward to support the campaign. If one person gives way for corruption, then it will totally spread in the city. Corruption is like a spreadable disease. It can be controlled with the entire nation’s effort.

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