Corruption and Political Donations

political_donationsRecently, one case was investigated where a large company has involved in fraudulent activities. To give a clue about the company, it is a popular telephone installation company in the United Kingdom. The management took an action to resolve the issue, and it is said that it has affected their sales in a great way.

If an anti-bribery campaign is necessary, it should be executed beyond the words. Most people come out with a real spirit but drop due to lack of support. It should be above the new laws. Some adjustments in the institutions have to be made to limit the corruption scope.

Limit monopoly. When you promote competition especially in the private and public sectors, you can watch lots of changes. Do not accept monopoly granting regulations as much as possible. It should be strict especially in the quantitative restrictions and exchange controls on imports. Ensure to open the frugality to international competition.

Improve transparency and accountability. There should be involvement of the private sector in various ways. It includes hotlines, citizen oversight boards, inquiry commissions, ombudsmen, etc. The dissemination of information and the systematic generation about external audits, public service effectiveness, private sector’s self-policing, clear standards of comportment, greater competition, and openness in grant giving, bidding, and aid projects.

The corruption is a complex and intricate term. It can be controlled and completely eradicated if the entire nation including the political party and other middlemen has the thought in mind. Most people do not know the effectiveness of corruption in a foreign country. They may visit the country for one or two days and get back to their nation. If you want to know the real face of corruption in one country, you have just to establish a business. You will know various heads involved in the corruption. It is the reason various anti-bribery laws and anti-corruption laws are framed by the government and the company.

When you understand their formula of getting bribery, you can easily avoid the formula and win the corruption maze. Ensure to read various anti-corruption laws and anti-bribery laws formed by the government to help the public.

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