Top 5 Things You Need for a Beach Cleanup Drive

We usually go to the beach to have fun and relax. Sadly, due to tourism, several beaches have been contaminated. Humans don’t care about their waste. They just keep throwing things away. The good thing is that there are organisations that deal with cleaning up the seashore. Others are organised initiatives while there are also those who just want to volunteer because they feel bad about the situation.

If you have volunteered to take part in this cleanup effort, you should encourage your friends to do the same thing. It is such a noble act and you need to inspire more people to follow. If we don’t do anything about this situation now, it might be too late. Here are the 5 important things you need before heading out to the beach for a cleanup effort.

  1. Plastic bags. You need to throw away the collected garbage in a plastic bag. If possible, use a recyclable bag so you can use it again on your next cleanup drive. Since your goal is to clean the environment, make sure you know where the plastic bags are thrown after the cleanup drive. Find a company that will properly dispose of these items. If you have collected recyclable materials, sell them or find creative ways to use them again.
  2. Gloves. This is for protection. You don’t know what kind of objects you will touch while picking waste up. You might even handle broken glass or animal carcases. You don’t want to be wounded or infected just because you didn’t use gloves.
  3. Sun protection. If you are doing this initiative during the summer, it would be very hot. You need to bring a cap to keep you protected. You should also wear sunscreen. Imagine that you are going out on an actual trip to the beach. Bring skin protection to avoid getting sunburn. You should also wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. Take note that this could go on for several hours especially if not a lot of people help in the project.
  4. Extra cleaning materials. You might be surprised that once people see you cleaning up, they will also be inspired to do the same. In the event that you find people who are also interested in cleaning up, make sure you have extra cleaning materials. They can also help out and get the job done faster. This is also a way for you to recruit more people in case you plan doing the same cleanup project in the future.
  5. Cordless LED light. There are instances when cleanup drives have to be done at night. In this case, you need to use the best cordless LED work light. It helps so that you can still clearly even without the natural light from the sun. You can also keep working over a longer period of time. The good thing about this type of light is that it is portable. It also projects very bright light. It is enough to cover the entire area that needs lighting. Since it is made from LED, you can expect it to last for a long time.

Before leaving, make sure all the items you need are there. You should also have a head count if there is a huge group of people joining the trip. Bring first aid kit too just in case someone passes out due to the heat or experiences allergies because of the items found while cleaning up. You should also save the phone number of the closest emergency responder especially if you are visiting a remote location.

Your efforts deserve recognition. You are doing something great in order to save the environment. It is also out of the usual activity people do when they are on the beach. You should keep inspiring people to do the same thing. We have already done a lot to pollute the environment. We can’t afford to do further damages. We have also seen just how nature can wreck us if we keep doing our bad ways. Beach cleanup drive is a good start. You can keep organising this until more people have been inspired. You can also start other initiatives to save the environment. You can seek help from friends and relatives who are just as passionate as you are.

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Which Places in The World Are The Worst Offenders For Deforestation?

deforestationPopulation inflation, demand for natural resources, and nonstop development have all led to a drastic rise in deforestation. Unfortunately, the process has not been so kind on some countries. Despite their efforts to create tree farms and replant trees, these places are now experiencing the harsh reality of high deforestation. You may not be aware of this, but trees are very beneficial to our safety and environment: their roots help to retain soil and prevent landslides and soil erosion while absorbing water to reduce floods. To that end, here is a countdown of some of the worst offenders in the world when it comes to deforestation.

10. Laos

Rate of deforestation: 5.3 percent

Naturally, Laos has very thick and diverse forest areas. The trees contain some of the best materials for logging, which is why most of the wood here is harvested for wood. Other than that, the forests are in heavy demand for medicine and various other products.

9. Portugal

Rate of deforestation: 5.6 percent

Portugal has been used notoriously as an example of the negative impact of deforestation on many occasions. This probably due to the rapid increase in deforestation rates in the country over the recent years. Experts speculate that if this trend continues, we may experience a dramatic climate change and potentially lose plenty of food and water supply.

8. Sweden

Rate of deforestation: 6.2 percent

Recent studies have shown that European countries are increasingly becoming careless about their environment. A major factor used in this research is evaluating the number of trees in a particular area over a period of ten years or so. Sweden recorded a significant decrease of trees during this period.

7. Finland

Rate of deforestation: 6.4 percent

If you are looking for a good place to tour for your next vacation, you’ll find that Finland contains some of the most attractive natural sights in the world. A lot has been done to protect the country’s forests and prevent deforestation. Regardless of this, some of the regions are still unprotected and are the main targets for loggers.

6. Nicaragua

Rate of deforestation: 6.9 percent

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. The country has been dealing with a number of environmental and ecological issues over the past few years, with the government doing very little to counter these acts. This has led to increased reports of land disputes, water shortage, and pollution.

5. Cambodia

Rate of deforestation: 7.1

If you have been following global news very keenly, you are probably aware that this is not the first time Cambodia has come up in matters regarding high deforestation rates. The process of deforestation started back in the 70s, after the Vietnam War. The events that followed the war caused a high demand for trees and their products, and soon majority of the land was overtaken by the few who wanted to take advantage of the country’s natural resources.

4. Guatemala

Rate of deforestation: 8.2 percent

Once you set your foot in Guatemala, you’ll soon realize how the high rate of deforestation in the country has brought devastating calamities to the residents. The few trees left are not enough to protect the people from severe rainfall. Sometimes the rain can form a huge pool of mud that overwhelms and kills people.

3. Indonesia

Rate of deforestation: 8.4 percent

Indonesia counts as one of the bigger countries in South East Asia. Unfortunately, the people have been harvesting most of the forested areas ravenously in the past few decades, leaving majority of the once forested land barren. The culprits don’t seem to mind though, as there is no sign that the rate of deforestation will slow down any sooner.

2. Paraguay

Rate of deforestation: 9.6 percent

Paraguay is famous for having one of the most extensive and unexplored forest areas in the world. They have a diverse wildlife set, but scientists have long given up on hopes of finding any information about these forests due to massive logging. The Gran Chaco is recognized as one of the biggest forests in the world, only coming second to the mighty Amazon.

1. Malaysia

Rate of deforestation: 14.4 percent

As soon as they gained their independence from the British, Malaysians have relied on logging for the better part of their financial stability, owing to the lavish and numerous forests to extract trees from. Naturally, there was a high demand and subsequent production, with the consequences only being realized during the 80s. Surprisingly, logging is still a major concern in the country, as it benefits a lot from it.

While cutting down trees seems like a good idea to be able to use the land that they are standing on, also remember that they are important not only for the wood they offer, but for the welfare of Earth. So the next time you’re tempted to visit websites like BestChainsaw.Reviews to look around for the top 10 chainsaws, make sure to think long and hard of what cutting a tree in your backyard will do to the environment.

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Why does the government still put fluoride into the water supply?

Why does the government still put fluoride into the water supplyMost people are aware of the fact that the government puts a considerable amount of fluoride into all the water that they supply their citizens, but a lot of people aren’t aware of why they put this fluoride in the water supply, how much they really put in the water supply, or the impact that it may have on the citizenry.

Its mission critical that you understand EXACTLY what makes it into your body through the water that you drink, and that’s why you absolutely have to know why the government is putting fluoride in water and what you can do about listening the potential impact it has on you and your loved ones.

Why is the government putting fluoride in water in the first place?

The standard line that you’ll get from government agencies and representatives when asked why they put fluoride in the public water supply is simple and straightforward:

This chemical is added to the public water supply to limit the amount of cavities that the population gets, as the fluoride itself has been proven to be tremendously effective that strengthening teeth and cutting down on the instances of this tooth damage.

However, there are some that feel this isn’t exactly the entire truth, and there are even some conspiracy theories out there that fluorination is much more insidious than it appears on the surface.

For all intents and purposes, however, the overwhelming majority of independent researchers have proven that the fluoride is in fact added to improve dental health – and that the levels of fluoride are usually quite low, and are far lower than the levels that could cause any kinds of negative reactions in the body.

Why you’ll need a water softener to lessen the impact of dangerous fluoride levels

As mentioned above, the levels of fluoride that you are likely to come across in a public water supply usually aren’t all that high, but why would you want to take a chance that these levels are always going to be maintained?

If you’re serious about your health and wellness (as well as the health and wellness of those you care most about), you wouldn’t trust anyone else to bear this responsibility.

Thankfully, with the right water softener solution, you aren’t going to have to worry at all about dangerous fluoride levels causing any negative side effects whatsoever. High-end water softener technology can effortlessly manage and mitigate the amount of fluoride that you’re going to ingest, and it’s going to also filter out other harmful elements and components as well.

These systems are a lot less expensive than they ever used to be, and on top of that, they are inexpensive to have installed, to operate, and to maintain. Now’s the time to invest in a quality water softener – especially if you want to be sure that you and your loved ones aren’t ever exposed to high levels of fluoride.

Research your options when you get a chance and you’ll find that this is one of the smartest investments you can make!

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Why Exercise Not Only Strengthens Your Body But Also Your Mind

Most people know that exercise tones the muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness. It also burns calories! However, a lot of people don’t understand just how good exercise is for the mind. Today, we’re going to talk about why exercise not only strengthens your body but also your mind

Exercise Will Elevate Your Mood

You deserve to feel great all day long and the best way to access this long-lasting sense of well-being is to exercise daily or at least a few times per week. Your workouts don’t need to last more than half an hour, as long as they are rigorous enough to raise your heart rate and to qualify as cardio exercise.

Examples of cardio exercise include running, aerobics, tennis and swimming. Once your heart rate is raised for a while, your body will start to produce endorphins. Endorphins are “feel-good” chemicals and they are the secret of why people who exercise a lot tend to be in good moods and have positive mindsets.

Since the effects of endorphins may last for hours, you’ll find that exercise has the capacity to change your whole life for the better. For example, if you find that you’re someone who gets stressed out regularly, or is prone to depression, using exercise as a drug-free, surgery-free way to feel better mentally and emotionally will be a healthy and smart strategy.

Chances are good that regular hard exercise will resolve a lot of your stress issues and it may even relieve the symptoms of depression. Of course, some depression is so serious that it requires medical care. If you suffer from severe depression, you should definitely talk to your doctor – he or she can definitely help!

Exercise Builds Personal Confidence

You’ll probably find that you feel more confident when you exercise a lot. Again, endorphins are the reason why. However, exercise offers more benefits to the mind than endorphins alone. It also lowers stress and boosts well-being by improving circulation. Basically, when you get your blood flowing via exercise, you will feel more alive. Poor circulation promotes sluggishness and a sense of lethargy.

The truth is that it’s possible to make your life better just by exercising. This is why some of the world’s most successful celebrities and entrepreneurs build exercise into their days, every day or at least several times a week. For example, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow does a 90-minute workout every morning, after she gets her kids ready for school. Burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese, also believes that morning workouts are the secret of enjoying full and happy days and being able to indulge a bit in terms of food and drink. Of course, she makes it a point to spend a few more minutes doing crunches on a weight bench when she indulges in her favorite food.

Find a New Exercise Program Today

You deserve to feel amazing. While we all have off days, you’ll find that working out means that off days are few and far between. Those who don’t understand the mood-boosting benefits of exercise are missing out on some serious vitality and adding workouts a few times a week should be enough to turn things around. If you’re someone who doesn’t exercise a lot, you should know that it’s one of the keys to being a happier person. Exercise will balance your mood and make your problems seem less insurmountable.

Our attitudes play a prominent role in how successful we are in life. If you think that you could improve your attitude, exercise will help you to do so. In fact, after just half an hour of hard exercise, you may feel like a whole new you. So, why not choose a new exercise program today? As long as it raises you heart rate, it’ll definitely have the power to improve your mood.

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Why More Needs to be Done to Make Mattresses Environmentally Friendly

mattresses in lanfillMattresses which are discarded typically end up in landfills. They are large and heavy and they use up a lot of space. When they are made with synthetic materials which don’t biodegrade, they are anything but planet-friendly. However, today’s most eco-conscious mattress manufacturers are considering the long-term effects of mattress disposal on the environment and doing their best to create designs which are more planet-friendly.

For example, they may feature some biodegradable elements and they may not be produced with chemicals (such as lab-created fire retardants) which may eventually emit particles that are harmful to the air around us. We are bombarded with toxins from chemicals and they are bad for us.

However, there are more great reasons to make mattresses environmentally-friendly…

Mattresses Must be Healthier for People

Mattresses which are made with “green” materials are also healthier for people. They are natural and this is a good thing. For example, pure and organic cottons are very gentle on the skin and they are non-toxic. These cottons are popular choices for planet-friendly, health-friendly mattresses.

While organic materials typically cost more and therefore make mattresses more expensive, a lot of discerning consumers are quite willing to invest in this sort of purity and quality and they are wise to do so. The fewer chemicals we have in our home environments, the better.

In addition, the sustainability of materials which are utilized in mattress construction should be considered an important factor. It’s all about replacing what is used. For example, if organic cotton is utilized, there should be certainty that this resource is fully-sustainable. Finite resources, such as petroleum-based materials, are not sustainable and manufacturers of mattresses should be looking for sustainable alternatives to chemical or petro-based materials – PVC is one material that shouldn’t be used in environmentally-friendly products.

How to Find “Green” Mattresses

Look for organic cotton designs which don’t have PVC components. A simple Google search for “environmentally-friendly mattresses” should be enough to bring up some interesting options. Simple futons made from organic cotton may be fine choices – however, some people want more support and features than futons may provide.

Choices are out there. However, there should be more options and hopefully there will be in the future. We don’t need more mattresses in landfills. If you want to dispose of a mattress, strongly consider donating it to someone who needs it. It’s better to reuse than to throw away and a lot of charities will take used mattresses.

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The Growing Danger of Corruption

CA-c_e4WsAAZU0aCorruption is completely created by people. If it has to be controlled, it should be a team work. It is seen in all parts of the world. It is not limited to one or few countries. Some political parties boldly say that corruption is abolished in their country. It is a controversial fact. It can be only known by asking their public.

In recent days, it has become so rampant where even for job opportunities, people are asked to pay a certain sum as bribery. If the situation continues for a long time, then it would be difficult to survive. The word corruption starts from education, job and business to even till death. It has become institutionalized. It has become hard to see an organized nation free of corruption.

Most people assume that only government officials are involved in the corruption. But in reality, both the private and government companies are involved hand in hand. It is hard to blame one or two as it seen as a virus throughout the world.

The anti-corruption campaigns may help out to a certain extent. But it should be executed and followed in a strict manner. There are different forms of corruption like brokerage, kickbacks, commission and more. Though it has different names, all comes under a single branch named corruption. When you read a newspaper or online magazine, you can easily find out the number of corruption cases. It is so common now where even the anti-corruption campaigns lose its power. It easily stuns the ordinary citizen. They do not have any other way to live other than spending their earning for corruption.

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Corruption and Political Donations

political_donationsRecently, one case was investigated where a large company has involved in fraudulent activities. To give a clue about the company, it is a popular telephone installation company in the United Kingdom. The management took an action to resolve the issue, and it is said that it has affected their sales in a great way.

If an anti-bribery campaign is necessary, it should be executed beyond the words. Most people come out with a real spirit but drop due to lack of support. It should be above the new laws. Some adjustments in the institutions have to be made to limit the corruption scope.

Limit monopoly. When you promote competition especially in the private and public sectors, you can watch lots of changes. Do not accept monopoly granting regulations as much as possible. It should be strict especially in the quantitative restrictions and exchange controls on imports. Ensure to open the frugality to international competition.

Improve transparency and accountability. There should be involvement of the private sector in various ways. It includes hotlines, citizen oversight boards, inquiry commissions, ombudsmen, etc. The dissemination of information and the systematic generation about external audits, public service effectiveness, private sector’s self-policing, clear standards of comportment, greater competition, and openness in grant giving, bidding, and aid projects.

The corruption is a complex and intricate term. It can be controlled and completely eradicated if the entire nation including the political party and other middlemen has the thought in mind. Most people do not know the effectiveness of corruption in a foreign country. They may visit the country for one or two days and get back to their nation. If you want to know the real face of corruption in one country, you have just to establish a business. You will know various heads involved in the corruption. It is the reason various anti-bribery laws and anti-corruption laws are framed by the government and the company.

When you understand their formula of getting bribery, you can easily avoid the formula and win the corruption maze. Ensure to read various anti-corruption laws and anti-bribery laws formed by the government to help the public.