Why does the government still put fluoride into the water supply?

Why does the government still put fluoride into the water supplyMost people are aware of the fact that the government puts a considerable amount of fluoride into all the water that they supply their citizens, but a lot of people aren’t aware of why they put this fluoride in the water supply, how much they really put in the water supply, or the impact that it may have on the citizenry.

Its mission critical that you understand EXACTLY what makes it into your body through the water that you drink, and that’s why you absolutely have to know why the government is putting fluoride in water and what you can do about listening the potential impact it has on you and your loved ones.

Why is the government putting fluoride in water in the first place?

The standard line that you’ll get from government agencies and representatives when asked why they put fluoride in the public water supply is simple and straightforward:

This chemical is added to the public water supply to limit the amount of cavities that the population gets, as the fluoride itself has been proven to be tremendously effective that strengthening teeth and cutting down on the instances of this tooth damage.

However, there are some that feel this isn’t exactly the entire truth, and there are even some conspiracy theories out there that fluorination is much more insidious than it appears on the surface.

For all intents and purposes, however, the overwhelming majority of independent researchers have proven that the fluoride is in fact added to improve dental health – and that the levels of fluoride are usually quite low, and are far lower than the levels that could cause any kinds of negative reactions in the body.

Why you’ll need a water softener to lessen the impact of dangerous fluoride levels

As mentioned above, the levels of fluoride that you are likely to come across in a public water supply usually aren’t all that high, but why would you want to take a chance that these levels are always going to be maintained?

If you’re serious about your health and wellness (as well as the health and wellness of those you care most about), you wouldn’t trust anyone else to bear this responsibility.

Thankfully, with the right water softener solution, you aren’t going to have to worry at all about dangerous fluoride levels causing any negative side effects whatsoever. High-end water softener technology can effortlessly manage and mitigate the amount of fluoride that you’re going to ingest, and it’s going to also filter out other harmful elements and components as well.

These systems are a lot less expensive than they ever used to be, and on top of that, they are inexpensive to have installed, to operate, and to maintain. Now’s the time to invest in a quality water softener – especially if you want to be sure that you and your loved ones aren’t ever exposed to high levels of fluoride.

Research your options when you get a chance and you’ll find that this is one of the smartest investments you can make!

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Why Exercise Not Only Strengthens Your Body But Also Your Mind

Most people know that exercise tones the muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness. It also burns calories! However, a lot of people don’t understand just how good exercise is for the mind. Today, we’re going to talk about why exercise not only strengthens your body but also your mind

Exercise Will Elevate Your Mood

You deserve to feel great all day long and the best way to access this long-lasting sense of well-being is to exercise daily or at least a few times per week. Your workouts don’t need to last more than half an hour, as long as they are rigorous enough to raise your heart rate and to qualify as cardio exercise.

Examples of cardio exercise include running, aerobics, tennis and swimming. Once your heart rate is raised for a while, your body will start to produce endorphins. Endorphins are “feel-good” chemicals and they are the secret of why people who exercise a lot tend to be in good moods and have positive mindsets.

Since the effects of endorphins may last for hours, you’ll find that exercise has the capacity to change your whole life for the better. For example, if you find that you’re someone who gets stressed out regularly, or is prone to depression, using exercise as a drug-free, surgery-free way to feel better mentally and emotionally will be a healthy and smart strategy.

Chances are good that regular hard exercise will resolve a lot of your stress issues and it may even relieve the symptoms of depression. Of course, some depression is so serious that it requires medical care. If you suffer from severe depression, you should definitely talk to your doctor – he or she can definitely help!

Exercise Builds Personal Confidence

You’ll probably find that you feel more confident when you exercise a lot. Again, endorphins are the reason why. However, exercise offers more benefits to the mind than endorphins alone. It also lowers stress and boosts well-being by improving circulation. Basically, when you get your blood flowing via exercise, you will feel more alive. Poor circulation promotes sluggishness and a sense of lethargy.

The truth is that it’s possible to make your life better just by exercising. This is why some of the world’s most successful celebrities and entrepreneurs build exercise into their days, every day or at least several times a week. For example, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow does a 90-minute workout every morning, after she gets her kids ready for school. Burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese, also believes that morning workouts are the secret of enjoying full and happy days and being able to indulge a bit in terms of food and drink. Of course, she makes it a point to spend a few more minutes doing crunches on a weight bench when she indulges in her favorite food.

Find a New Exercise Program Today

You deserve to feel amazing. While we all have off days, you’ll find that working out means that off days are few and far between. Those who don’t understand the mood-boosting benefits of exercise are missing out on some serious vitality and adding workouts a few times a week should be enough to turn things around. If you’re someone who doesn’t exercise a lot, you should know that it’s one of the keys to being a happier person. Exercise will balance your mood and make your problems seem less insurmountable.

Our attitudes play a prominent role in how successful we are in life. If you think that you could improve your attitude, exercise will help you to do so. In fact, after just half an hour of hard exercise, you may feel like a whole new you. So, why not choose a new exercise program today? As long as it raises you heart rate, it’ll definitely have the power to improve your mood.

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Why More Needs to be Done to Make Mattresses Environmentally Friendly

mattresses in lanfillMattresses which are discarded typically end up in landfills. They are large and heavy and they use up a lot of space. When they are made with synthetic materials which don’t biodegrade, they are anything but planet-friendly. However, today’s most eco-conscious mattress manufacturers are considering the long-term effects of mattress disposal on the environment and doing their best to create designs which are more planet-friendly.

For example, they may feature some biodegradable elements and they may not be produced with chemicals (such as lab-created fire retardants) which may eventually emit particles that are harmful to the air around us. We are bombarded with toxins from chemicals and they are bad for us.

However, there are more great reasons to make mattresses environmentally-friendly…

Mattresses Must be Healthier for People

Mattresses which are made with “green” materials are also healthier for people. They are natural and this is a good thing. For example, pure and organic cottons are very gentle on the skin and they are non-toxic. These cottons are popular choices for planet-friendly, health-friendly mattresses.

While organic materials typically cost more and therefore make mattresses more expensive, a lot of discerning consumers are quite willing to invest in this sort of purity and quality and they are wise to do so. The fewer chemicals we have in our home environments, the better.

In addition, the sustainability of materials which are utilized in mattress construction should be considered an important factor. It’s all about replacing what is used. For example, if organic cotton is utilized, there should be certainty that this resource is fully-sustainable. Finite resources, such as petroleum-based materials, are not sustainable and manufacturers of mattresses should be looking for sustainable alternatives to chemical or petro-based materials – PVC is one material that shouldn’t be used in environmentally-friendly products.

How to Find “Green” Mattresses

Look for organic cotton designs which don’t have PVC components. A simple Google search for “environmentally-friendly mattresses” should be enough to bring up some interesting options. Simple futons made from organic cotton may be fine choices – however, some people want more support and features than futons may provide.

Choices are out there. However, there should be more options and hopefully there will be in the future. We don’t need more mattresses in landfills. If you want to dispose of a mattress, strongly consider donating it to someone who needs it. It’s better to reuse than to throw away and a lot of charities will take used mattresses.

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Know about the anti-corruption strategies

hands-bribe-moneyCorruption is the most discussed topic in the present scenario. It is hard to find transparency in both the government and private organizations. The anti-corruption has to be exposed to the entire world. Most people think how to begin and what to start. It is best to make use of local people to find out the advantages of various types of corruption and analyze the cost. It has been calculated in the form of international business transactions.

When you have to decide, you have to ensure that you start towards a success track. The anti-corruption effort is not meant to perform several things immediately. When you launch a campaign, it will break the large corruption culture into fragments. If you are campaigning the world country, then the generic model would include the following.

The local people have to participate voluntarily and share their problems. They should be willing to share their causes and the extent where corruption has resulted.

fighting corruption image_0It helps in promoting greater transparency. Transparency is important when it comes to finding the corruption giants. There are numerous illicit activities like tax evasion, extortion, bribery and more that has the basis of corruption. The successful anti-corruption should not stop with campaigning, program or incentives. It should go beyond where the public should be aware of further actions. It is applicable for both private and public sectors. There is corruption seen in both the sectors and special measures should be taken to stop completely.

The public knows well about the problem. They even know which area is in the top position for corruption. The economic cost will be more in places where the corruption is more. It is easy to find out the area by determining the cost sense.

There are several ways to get the big fish. But it is important to act in a smart manner. People know about where corruption is more and how it is executed in illicit ways to gain money. It may be seen in the opposition party or the ruling party.

20140409-135814Incentives based programs are highly beneficial when compared to other programs. For example, if a person knows that he/she can benefit if they share a secret or help for a program, then surely they would come forward to assist. It is best to start a systematic reform with clear objectives and then slowly shift to pay performance programs.

There are several examples to explain the corruption. Japan, Brazil, and Venezuela are the biggest examples of corruption. There is corruption around the world, and we have to make a change by doing an impressive act. It is not an easy task. It may go to any extent. It is best if it is executed through government or a ruling political party.

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How to Stop the Corruption?

How-to-stop-corruption-in-PakistanCorruption is seen in all countries, and it is a universal phenomenon. It is seen in all culture, races and all kinds of society. Most countries claim that they have completely eradicated corruption. But in the same way, people from various countries around the world feel that corruption exists and it remains as a root to their problem. The corruption can start in post-communist countries or bureaucratic societies where every single thing is managed by the immoral government. It is a popular belief. It cannot be argued, but it is experienced in reality. Corruption is continuous, present everywhere and cannot be eradicated irrevocably and completely.

It is seen everywhere and in every form of society. It is common for people to connect corruption with the government, legal system, police and other entities. They may be directly or indirectly connected to the allocation and control of the public resource.

stop-corruptionThe police officials are the main public authorities which are connected directly with the corruption. They are equal to other government officials like tax collection service, the court of law, etc. Are you wondering why such officials travel through corruption path? Well, it is just to avoid the tax payments. These public structures get and share the money of tax payers. In simple words, they are not interested in managing the funds as it happens in a large corporation.

Corruption remains to be intrinsic to any social structure. It is intrinsic to human nature due to the social or cultural setting. The corruption thrives because of their influences. It is present in the democratic countries like the European countries or the United States of America. In the same way, the corruption is present in post-communist countries and societies like Columbia or Indonesia. There are a lot of similar things seen in those countries, and it is clear that corruption is not limited to cultural, political or geographic boundaries.

Corruption-1For instance, if a foreign business wishes to open a business in a new country, he/she has to pay a bribe to the government officials and other important heads of the society. It is impossible to start without their support. They would not allow him/her to do the business. If the person declines, they would even take actions to destroy completely or stop his/her business. The person will not have any other hope or ways to avoid corruption. They would start to give to make their business dream true.

To summarize, corruption cannot be stopped by a single person. It should be a total revolution. Every person in the society should come forward to support the campaign. If one person gives way for corruption, then it will totally spread in the city. Corruption is like a spreadable disease. It can be controlled with the entire nation’s effort.

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The Growing Danger of Corruption

CA-c_e4WsAAZU0aCorruption is completely created by people. If it has to be controlled, it should be a team work. It is seen in all parts of the world. It is not limited to one or few countries. Some political parties boldly say that corruption is abolished in their country. It is a controversial fact. It can be only known by asking their public.

In recent days, it has become so rampant where even for job opportunities, people are asked to pay a certain sum as bribery. If the situation continues for a long time, then it would be difficult to survive. The word corruption starts from education, job and business to even till death. It has become institutionalized. It has become hard to see an organized nation free of corruption.

Most people assume that only government officials are involved in the corruption. But in reality, both the private and government companies are involved hand in hand. It is hard to blame one or two as it seen as a virus throughout the world.

The anti-corruption campaigns may help out to a certain extent. But it should be executed and followed in a strict manner. There are different forms of corruption like brokerage, kickbacks, commission and more. Though it has different names, all comes under a single branch named corruption. When you read a newspaper or online magazine, you can easily find out the number of corruption cases. It is so common now where even the anti-corruption campaigns lose its power. It easily stuns the ordinary citizen. They do not have any other way to live other than spending their earning for corruption.

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Know about the UK Bribery Act

jan13_handshake600x300The Bribery Act 2010 is the latest and toughest policy framed by the UK government as part of the corruption and anti-bribery law. It is straightforward and clear. It does not have any clause.

The law is summarized into four equal crimes. They are bribing, bribing an official or foreign public, receiving a bribe and failing to avoid bribery.

These are the offences or crimes which the government would charge.

It is unlawful to accept, receive, agree, request, give, promise or offer bribes. The anti-bribery policy helps to protect the business. If you are establishing a new business, it is necessary to frame anti-bribery policy. If you feel that there is a risk or someone who is working for you directly or indirectly would be uncovered to bribery, then it is mandatory to mention in your business agreement.

The anti-bribery should be framed according to the risks and opportunities of your business. You have to consider the level where it can be bribed, or your business may face. It is important to think of various angles to conclude a clear business policy against bribery. The policy should include the following points:

  • Your approach to controlling and reducing the chances of bribery
  • Rules about accepting donations, hospitality or gifts
  • Assistance on how to execute the business. For instance, negotiating the contracts

Rules of stopping or avoiding conflicts of interest

  • Once you have framed the anti-bribery policy, explain your staff about the policy and its meanings.
  • The staff should be aware of the anti-bribery policy. They should understand the policy clearly. Ensure to review and monitor the policy regularly.
  • The bribery and corruption can be controlled by the public if they follow certain rules.

Stop politicians where they take bribes

Prohibit the representatives from receiving and soliciting exorbitant assistances from the special benefits they regulate. Try to prevent them while they raise funds during the working hours. The politicians easily calculate the money they need using the term funds. They would surround and collect the money to win in the reelection. The politicians create laws that are suitable for themselves, their career and favourable to their personal interests. They secure donations through these ways and remains as a major head for corruption.

Do not accept job offers where bribes is collected

It has become common in the present scenario. Top positions in the government and private companies are given to people who offer a good bribe. You may encourage winning your position but it remains as a root for other person to start their bribery. If you stop giving opportunities for such scenario, you can easily win a best position than the one that is open on bribe. Hope these laws are simple and understandable.